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St. Johns Lutheran School is an arm of ministry and mission of St. Johns Lutheran Church.  We are here to serve any family who is interested in Christian education.  At the present time, approximately fifty percent of our students are not members of our church.  All faiths are welcome.

St. Johns offers programs for students three years of age through grade eight.  Because of our small size, students receive personal attention.  Our classrooms for grades one through eight are multi-grade classrooms.  Multi-grade classroom settings can give students excellent opportunity to experience overlapping with curriculum.  That means they are being exposed to subject matter from other grade levels before they are accountable.  They also have opportunity to review subject matrial when it is presented to students in different grades.  Multi-grade classrooms also require students to become more independent and self-motivated.

Students are encouraged too use their God-given abilities-whether in academics, athletics or social life-to glorify God their maker.  They are encouraged to support and uplift each other.  St. Johns Lutheran School is intended to be an outreach of the home, not something to replace the home.

Christian education is the focus of our mission.  Our teachers and staff seek to be a means through which Jesus leads students to the rich and full life that He gives us.  To God we give all glory.

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Mrs. Mickey Angerman, Principal 245 South Line St. P.O. Box 189 WykoffMN  55990