Bank Gift Haus                            507-352-4205

       Fudge/Home Decor

Bremseth Body Shop                 507-352-7596

       Restoration and Collision

Dianne’s Family Hair                  507-352-5722


Doug Snyder Insurance            507-352-4224


Erdman & Associates                507-352-5121

        Window Treatments

Gateway Restaurant                507-352-4221

        Family Meals & Catering

Gleeson’s Grocery-Wykat         507-352-2311


Gold Street Pizza & Grille                 TBA

         Open Daily

Hill & Vale Farms Natural Meats  507-352-4441

         Beef, Lamb, Goat

Kidd’s Massage & Bodyworks    507-352-7242

         Body Wellness

Magpie Studios                             507-352-5840 

         Art/Music Instruction  

Mike Holzer Construct                 507-951-8594

         General Construction 

Opsall-Kavanagh Motor              507-352-2111

          Used cars,parts and service                 

Ostrander Coop                             507-352-5281

          Wykoff Division

Pete’s Auction & Photo                507-352-4162

          Wedding,Portraits, Auctions,All

Roger’s Woodworking                  507-352-5201

          Crafts,Furniture Repair

Security State Bank of Lew         507-352-2321

          Wykoff Century Bank

Shooter’s                                           507-352-2281

           On/Off Sale

St. Kilian’s Art Center                    507-296-6922

           Performing Arts and Events

Thauwald Funeral Home              507-352-4201

           123 Gold St., Wykoff

Thompson Motors                           507-352-2435

           Trucking & Service

Wykoff Short Stop                           507-352-2421

           Fuel and Convenience Items